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Network Technology and Security skills are always in demand, because every organization needs to be able to protect it's data.The Network Security area of expertise covers how to keep networks secure, from preventing threats.We provide live project based Networks & Security course with our expert team and well settled class rooms. We always use new technology for provide best Network and Security Training in Jalandhar and Punjab . We offer 6 months/weeks duration Courses with ISO certification .

Embitplus also provide CCNA,CCNP,CCIPCisco exams preparations.

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • You will learn Basic CCNA Security and Network Security Concepts / Security
  • You will learn Authentication - real world labs / Security
  • You will learn Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) / Security
  • You will learn Transmission Media And Technologies / Security
  • You will learn Network Infrastructure / Security
  • You will learn Wireless Networking / Security
  • You will learn Attacks On Networks / Security
  • For complete course content please contact us.....

For Admission
  • Starts : 1st & 15th of every Month
  • Duration : 2 Months
  • Instructors : Ravi Manra
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